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    There are many different features that come pre-installed
    with Firefox. Here you'll be able to view some of them.
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Tabbed Browsing
    Tabbed Browsing allows you to have several web sites opened at the
    same time in the same window.
Tabbed Browsing screenshot
Built In Search
    With Firefox's built in search, there's no need to go to a separate web
    page just to do a search. Firefox comes installed with some of the most
    popular Search Engines, and you can always choose from over a
    thousand to add more.
Firefox search box
Search Engine Manager
    With Firefox's search engine manager,
    you can add or remove search engines and reorder them.
Firefox Search Engine manager screenshot
Customize Toolbars
    Firefox allows you to add or remove buttons and toolbars.
    You simply drag an item to or from the toolbar
Firefox custom toolbars screenshot
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