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Mozilla Firefox Super Searches
    For those who know me, you'll know that I'm a huge Mozilla
    and Firefox fan. That's one reason for Mouse Runner's Firefox
    Guide, the other is to get more people to use Firefox.
    Aside from creating my own Firefox content, I needed a way
    to do research on Mozilla and Firefox, and I needed it to be
    in the areas that are dedicated to Mozilla and Firefox. So I
    created my Mozilla Site Searches which contained search
    boxes powered by Google. Now with the help of my friend
    Otto, we've stepped up the Mozilla and Firefox searches and
    now there is 3 main Firefox super search areas.
    Check them out, you'll find them to be as useful as I have.
Mozilla and Firefox Search Boxes
    Here is an updated version of the Mozilla Site Searches now
    simply entitled Mozilla Firefox Searches.
    There are 15 search boxes that all point to Firefox sites.
    Find a theme, extension, developer info and more. Go
Mozilla Firefox Search Boxes
Mozilla and Firefox Search Plugins
    Similar to the above searchers except these are search
    plugins to add into Firefox to search for Moz and Firefox
    content from anywhere on the Internet.
    15 different one are available. Go
Mozilla Firefox Search Plugins screenshot
Firefox Search via Google
    This was mostly made for fun. It's a Google homepage
    interface and all of the searches lead to Firefox content such
    as Firefox images, Firefox groups and more all powered by
    Google. Go
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