Firefox Shortcuts & Tips
View and Start Firefox in Full Screen Mode
    The easiest way is simply to press F11, but for more options such
    as start Firefox in Full Screen and Full Screen without toolbars,
    get the AutoHide extension.
    AutoHide is a very easy to use and learn extension that will allow
    you to view Firefox in true Full Screen mode with or without
    toolbars including the Windows Taskbar.
    You can also set AutoHide to start Firefox in Full Screen mode and
    easily toggle between Full Screen and normal viewing by pressing
AutoHide Options
    To access the AutoHide options, use this path:
    To have Firefox start in Full Screen mode, select Full Screen in the
    context menu.
Firefox Full Screen image
Firefox Full Screen image
Firefox Full Screen Screenshot
    The following image is of Firefox in true Full Screen mode with the
    toolbars set to auto-hide. By simply hovering over where the
    toolbars normally exist, the toolbars will pop up depending on
    your AutoHide configuration. Click the image for a full clear view.
More info on AutoHide
    AutoHide Extension has been tested on Firefox 2 on WinXPSP2
    AutoHide Extension Download
    AutoHide Help
Navigating in Full Screen Mode
    You can learn to navigate in full screen by learning the
    Firefox Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts.
    Printable Firefox Shortcuts  
    Large Print Printable Firefox Shortcuts

    Or you can also use the Mouse Gestures extension which allows
    you to navigate without Toolbars or the keyboard.
    Mouse Gestures
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