4 Jobs That the Internet Created

With the rapid evolution of technology in the past 20 years, things have changed for both consumers and businesses. The evolution and widespread availability of the internet allows us all the nice things that we enjoy today, from watching streams and shows online to even online sports betting. Some people prefer to Netflix and chill, while others spend their time browsing the internet for better sports betting offers, bonus and welcome codes, like the ones at https://bet-bonuscode.co.uk/.

The internet has created many opportunities for everybody who wants to work from home. Today, it is almost essential for some people, given the pandemic and isolation rules. Here are a couple of jobs that the internet created.


Technology allows us to do many things, and streaming is one of the first jobs that came up and was popular with the younger audience. Streaming, whether video games, musicianship, talking, reviews, videocasts, or anything alike, has become quite a popular job. People stream and even with smaller communities, they earn enough to get by. Larger streamers get sponsors and start earning more, enough to buy their own houses and other properties, like cars and anything essential to improving their lives and that of their families. 

It is a volatile job, where the audience determines your income and popularity, as much as your own setup and quality of stream do.

Web Designer

This is pretty much a job that exists only due to the internet. It is a great job, that involves creativity and knowing some coding. Web design is an interesting job, one that people tend to do remotely, which can earn them a hefty sum of money.

Unlike streaming, it is a rather stable job. The results often speak for themselves and a good designer will have plenty of results to do the speaking. Web design has become more evolved and popular lately, to the point of some designers doing work on their tablets, rather than an actual computer.

Digital Marketing

This is another job that became possible due to the internet. The internet opened up a plethora of opportunities for advertising. From on-page advertising to pay-per-click advertising, to videos and email marketing, there are ways of using the internet to advertise a product. Nowadays, using influencers is popular, but that also depends on the brand and the product or service.


This is an interesting category of people who are popular on the internet, often using social media to gain popularity. Some influencers are on YouTube and similar video-sharing sites, but most prefer using social media. An influencer basically has influence over people, due to their popularity. They are often used as tools for advertising, but some prefer doing things on their own, with as few sponsors as possible.

The internet is always brewing something new. These jobs are but some that the internet has made possible. Which new jobs will we have thanks to the internet, remains to be seen.