How to Create Your Own Site – A Simple Guide

Websites are nowadays very important. Everybody needs a website if they want to have an online presence, as an individual or as a business, or both. Having a presence online is important, because everybody will first try to look you up online. It is a gateway to the world and a simple way to showcase your trophies, products, services or personal opinions. 

Making your own site is easier than one would assume, but also hard if one does not follow the following steps.

Registering a Domain Name

A domain name is what the people will type when they want to connect to your website. The best domain names and the most expensive ones are the shortest ones. The most popular domain names end with .com. These will also be the more expensive domain names. One can purchase a domain name online, obviously, through many sites which sell domain names. Find a site which you trust, through reading reviews and settle for a domain name.

It helps if the domain name is relevant and related to your brand.

Purchase Web Hosting

Web hosting is also important. Your site has to be somewhere, physically. If your site is on a slow server, it will load slower, or rather, if it is on a server far from the target audience. If most of your audience is in Europe, you do not want a server which is in Australia, and vice versa.

One can alternatively have their own server, but that takes a lot of know-how which a regular user should not bother with. There is a time and place for having a personal server, but it has more sense as a LAN implementation, rather than to host a website. 

Build a Website or Have Someone Build One

This is the core of everything, the website itself. There are a couple of ways to go about it, use one of the site building tools and services such as Wix, Squarespace and WordPress, or have a developer build a custom site for you.

The site builders work for most situations, from personal blogs to serious sites which deal with e-commerce and are used as sales platforms. Custom sites are more expensive, but essentially allow the user more control and fine tuning.

Upload Content and Optimize the Site

Uploading content is relatively easy, but a site should have a decent design. However, one should also not upload large content, otherwise the site will be loading forever, which typically refers to image size. Site optimization has plenty to do with how the site was designed in the first place, but also with the content that is on the site, from javascript scripts to images and videos.

Creating a site can be challenging, or easier, if one follows the steps detailed above.