5 Top Ridiculously Dangerous Modern Internet Challenges

Even if raising the awareness of the danger level of various internet trends has increased in recent years, it cannot seem to stop them. Usually, the youngsters, kids, and adolescents are the ones coming up with these dangerous trends. However, they don’t think about all the consequences of those trends. Regardless of the fact that the overall intention is not bad, some of the modern internet trends are life and health-threatening. Let’s see which are the most popular yet dangerous internet challenges we have witnessed so far.

The Hot Water Challenge

This extremely dangerous internet challenge brough many serious injuries to teens all around the world. In essence, the hot water challenge involves drinking boiling hot water through a straw or throwing boiling water at someone. It is pretty self-explanatory to what degree this could be dangerous. The consequences of this internet trend could be second or third-degree skin burns.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Ever since one of the world’s most popular trendsetter Kylie Jenner changed her looks and introduced what the masses call “Kylie Jenner lips”, the teen girls went crazy. Apparently, if one takes a shot glass, seal the lips and suck out the air from it to create the vacuum, you will get those pouty lips. Of course, this challenge was taken to the next level and the trend followers starting seriously injuring their lips. Some of the outcomes were bruising, blistering cuts, and infection.

The Cinnamon Challenge

Yet another ridiculous internet challenge that is extremely dangerous. Namely, the goal of this challenge was to swallow a spoonful of dry cinnamon. Clearly, it wouldn’t be a challenge it was something easy, so in most cases, it ended up with some coughing or sneezing.  However, swallowing the dry powder such as dry cinnamon could lead to asphyxiation if you accidentally inhale it and the challenge could end up tragically. 

Tide Pod Challenge

So far, this one is the most bizarre internet trend. As we all know, eating any kind of detergent could be very dangerous. The end goal is to put a tide pod into your mouth, pop it and chew it for a little while. Even if there is no need for further information concerning the consequences, some of the outcomes are poisoning, stomach problems, vomiting, lethargy, and even breathing problems. 

In My Feelings Challenge

Seemingly not that extreme nor dangerous internet meme turned into a challenge that ended up with tons of injuries. Some of the participants even got fines for doing the challenge. It involves dancing to Drake’s song ”In My Feelings”, but that is not all. To do the Kiki challenge, one would have to jump out of a moving vehicle and dance in the street while the vehicle is still in motion.