Best open-source replacements for expensive applications

We use various pieces of software on a daily basis and some of them are quite expensive. We don’t even think about it sometimes, but there is complicated software used for everything, including games, social media, or even online sportsbooks where you can use the MansionBet promo code. One of the most familiar ones is Windows and it is something that many people cannot imagine their computer without. Even though most expensive applications are superior and have many more options, there are free alternatives that you could use. They often have fewer options than the applications that cost money but you can still do your work just fine by only using free applications. There are many free open-source replacements that you can choose from to do whatever task you want.

Linux Distro 

Linux Distro is an operating system that is considered the best replacement for Windows there is on the internet. Why would you download a pirated Windows version and make your security vulnerable when you can download Linux Distro and use it for free while being fully secured. However, there is one issue with this operating system and it refers to its compatibility. Some programs are not compatible with this system but, if it gets more popular, developers will surely get their programs working on this operating system. All in all, Linux Distro is a great cheaper alternative to Windows.


This is an audio editor that is used probably by the whole Youtube community and maybe even further. It is the most popular free audio editor online and for a good reason. Many of its users say that it is very easy to use and that you will have no problems using it whatsoever. It is compatible with all operating systems and can be used for almost everything you need in terms of audio editing.


7-zip is a compression program that is an alternative to Winrar.

It is absolutely amazing in terms of compression options as it has almost all the options that Winrar has, and it is free. Its developers are still finding new ways how to improve it and keep it up to date. Many people consider it to be better and simpler than Winrar, so it is worth trying out if you do not want to pay for a compression program.  


Handbrake is one of the best video converters. This program supports every single video format and can convert any video into a format that you want. It is pretty simple to use and it is a really good alternative compared to Nero Recode 2. Simply, input the video you want to convert, select the type of conversion, and wait for your video to be finished and ready to use. In addition, it can also compress video files and decrease their size. If you want to post something online but you know that it will take a long time to upload because the file is too big, just use this program.

These are only some of open-source replacements for expensive applications. Depending on what you want to do, you can find many more open-source programs that will allow you to do the job well and save money.