Exquisite Open Source Apps for Android

New technologies are making our lives easier every day – they are changing the way we work, the way we travel, and the way we have fun. It’s pretty obvious, without the internet we wouldn’t be able to do many of the things we do today, such as use 888sport Promo Code 2021 to place online bets. However, there is one technological innovation that many people don’t know much about – open-source software. The reason so many people opt for open source software these days is that it gives them the alternative to apps and programs that don’t work quite as they would like them to. Open-source software has a code that is open to the public, meaning that anyone can modify it in order to get the performance they personally need.

Another reason is that updates are controlled by the global community, rather than the app provider. This means that if there is a problem with the next patch or version of the software, you can take a step back and wait for the community to sort it out. Here are some of the best open source apps for Android devices.


Are you annoyed that a company has access to everything you have stored in the cloud? Worry no more! Nextcloud is an open source cloud storage system. The way it works is you set us a server on your computer and sync it to your other devices. The UI is fairly simple and intuitive and allows you to share files and upload photos and documents. It is a bit like Google Drive, only slightly less powerful and a whole lot more private.


The media player that has the trademark traffic cone look you can’t miss. The software has been around for a while and many a desktop-user installed it to view video files in peace. As it so happens, there is the app for your Android devices. This is one of those cases where an app is both open source and free.


The legendary browser is now available on your phone and tablet. While some browsers collect your data, you can rest assured that Firefox won’t do it unless you tell it too. It is easily customizable to suit your needs.


Here is another alternative to mainstream browsers. DucDuckGo is an open source browser that respects your privacy. That being said, it still follows what you are interested in, so it might, on occasion, include stories you may like based on your previous inquiries.


Do you like podcasts? I sometimes do, which is why having an app like this that can download and play them allows you full control of what you listen to. It gives you access to millions of different podcasts and has something not many media players have – a sleep timer. If you like listening to podcasts to go to sleep, the app will turn itself off at a designated time, preventing you from getting woken up by the very noise you used to drift away.