Facts about social media that will blow your mind!

Social media sites have had a great impact on today’s society. Since more than half of the global population uses the internet, it is safe to conclude even without checking the statistics, that a lot of them use social media daily. For some people, going without social media even for a day would mean the end of the world. Other people are not so dependent on social media, but they still allocate a portion of their time to social media. Some prefer doing things like watching movies or betting on sports, so they will wonder about how to bet on Royal Ascot for example, or the upcoming football game.

When you use something on a regular basis, you may think that you know a lot about it. Here are some facts about social media that you have probably never heard or thought about.

For example, around 50 percent of today’s Twitter users have never sent a tweet. Facebook owns a number of anti-Facebook domains, one of them being IHateTheFacebookLikeButton.com. If Wikipedia were a book, it would have more than two billion pages.

Here are some data on what happens every sixty seconds on social media:

4320 minutes of YouTube videos are uploaded, and 4.5 million videos are viewed, 3472 images on Pinterest are pinned, 87,500 tweets are posted on Twitter, 216,000 new photos are posted on Instagram and 347,222 people are scrolling on Instagram, 2,460,000 pieces of content are shared on Facebook and 1 million people are logging in, 694,444 hours are watched on Netflix, 2.1 million snaps are created on Snapchat, 1.4 million swipes are made on Tinder.

If you are not impressed by these “per minute” statistics, here are some more mind-blowing facts about social media.

When it comes to Twitter, it is interesting to know that it took 38 months and 1 day to reach a billion tweets and that 80% of world leaders use Twitter. 

When talking about Facebook, you may find it interesting that there are around 81 million fake profiles on Facebook and that the average millennial Facebook user has around 250 friends. In addition, the most optimal time to post on Facebook to get the highest amount of clicks and shares is statistically between 1 pm and 3 pm.

There are quite interesting facts about Instagram, as well. More than 90% of Instagram users are below the age of 35. There are 3.5 billion likes on Instagram per day and the three most popular foods on Instagram are pizza, sushi, and steak.  

If you think that you spend too much time watching videos on YouTube, you should know that 3.25 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month. If you are curious about the popularity of Tumblr, an interesting fact is that Tumblr gains 120,000 users every day.

If you want to learn more about mind-blowing facts about social media, why not ask Google? More than 450 billion queries have been answered by Google since 2003. Test your knowledge and see how big of an expert you are when it comes to social media.