The bright future of open-source software

For those of you who do not know, open-source software is software that can be used by everyone and it is publically accessible. Its design can be modified by everyone as well. Someone, such as good developers, can own open-source software and share it for a monthly subscription. In short, this means that anyone can use and modify open-source software as much as they like. 

It is clear that open-source software offers a lot of possibilities and it is going to stay around for a long time. The future of open-source software is predicted to be quite bright.


Let us discuss the example of Docker since it has had a great influence on changing the way how people view open-source software. Because of Docker, it is now easier to distribute open-source software to a lot more people. A wider audience means even faster growth as well. It is predicted that, because of that, open-source software will continue to grow and be used to solve problems in many different ways. It is expected that those ways will outclass today’s problem-solving methods by far.

Importance of data gathered by open-source software 

Since open-source software is publicly accessible, it provides a lot of opportunities to improve coding and learn more about it. Open-source software is usually created through public collaboration, which means that a lot of people can share their ideas, knowledge, and skills to create something new. The data gathered by open-source software will be used to improve the software further and will undoubtedly lead to innovation. In fact, more and more companies have been recognizing the value of open-source software and the importance of sharing it with the community.

Transparency of open-source software 

Recently, more and more software companies have noticed that adopting the use of open-source technology is the right way to go. They consider it a very viable business model which they can use to grow rapidly. This can partly be attributed to the fact that using open-source software brings transparency to the company, meaning that the community will not think that something suspicious is going on. As a result, this will bring more investors to the company, the company will continue to grow, and the investors will profit more as well. The investors might even get into the same field of work as the company they have invested in if they see its rapid growth.

The exponential growth of open-source software

Transparent and successful companies attract more investors. More investors bring more profit to the company and earn more profit themselves. When more people work on the same project or in the same field, more improvement is made. This means that the growth of open-source software will be exponential.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that open-source software has a very bright future. It may take more time to see all the benefits of open-source software than we would like it to, but it is sure that we can expect huge improvements in every aspect that is affected by coding in the future.