Top free blogging platforms that can help you become a blogger

Blogging is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Some people consider it a job as blogging can be a source of income. Affiliate marketing through blogging is particularly becoming more favored as you can dedicate your blog to a certain niche of products and then make money from it. You can present various makeup and clothing brands, become an Amazon affiliate, or even sponsored links on your site. Basically, anyone can become a blogger if they wish so. There is no list of skills that you need to become a blogger, but you certainly need a blogging platform. There are many free blogging platforms that you can use to write your blogs. Here are three blogging platforms that can be useful on your way to becoming a successful blogger.


WordPress is probably the most famous free blogging platform that has ever been created. It is easy to use, easy to set up, and even easier to write on thanks to its beautiful user interface. Over the last few years, users of WordPress have been very satisfied with the developers’ support that WordPress provides. Whenever there is a problem, they immediately fix it and then continue working on making it even better. In addition, if you have any problems with how to begin using WordPress, there are special tutorials on how to get your blog up and running.

If you want a mix of good visibility and good support for everything there is when it comes to blogging, WordPress is your number 1 option.


Tumblr gained in popularity around 2014 when people started posting pictures on it. In fact, you can post any kind of content on Tumblr as there are no strict restrictions. Of course, you should not post offensive or adult content, as you will get banned from using this blogging site. Tumblr is greatly popular among young people, so if you want to attract a younger audience, Tumblr is the right choice for you to start blogging. 


Blogger is the most famous Google platform for posting blog content and. It offers an easy-to-use dashboard and many visual customization options so you can make your blog look more appealing and interesting. However, you should be aware that Google tends to shut down its services that people do not use that much. Although Blogger is a great blogging platform, there is a large number of other blogging platforms, so do not be shocked if Google decides to shut it down. Nevertheless, Blogger can be a great place to try blogging for the first time.

 Of course, blogging is not only about using a good blogging platform. Although you definitely need a platform that will not cause you trouble while writing and that will look appealing to your audience, the content of your blog is very important. Think about the topics of your blog posts carefully and try out some of the free blogging platforms.