Top 4 open-source cloud platforms

The more information technologies progress, the greater the demand for open-source cloud platforms becomes. Many people need some sort of a virtual device that can help store their data and enables them to use it for basically anything that they do not have the possibility to do on their own device. Open-source cloud platforms have been growing a lot in recent years and their development is not expected to stop any time soon as they have become an indispensable part of programmers’ work. Here are some of the top open-source cloud platforms you can use to free some space on your device.


Cloudstack is considered to be the best project of Apache Software Foundation, also known as ASF. It is open-source software that was created to make and manage virtual machines connected by a high-speed network. It is based on the Java system and it contains hypervisor hosts that run the different virtual machines so that the end-user can use an IaaS cloud. It works with users running KVM, Hyper-V or XenServer. It is characterized by excellent user management and storage resources. All in all, Cloudstack is an excellent IaaS open-source cloud option. 


Eucalyptus is open-source cloud software used for building private and hybrid clouds. It uses Linux’s software architecture as its main code, which really takes security to the next level, especially when it comes to private clouds. It also allows you to use your own resources and has a really good user interface. Its popularity is not that high compared to Cloudstack, which can be its advantage. Its servers can run faster and you will seldom have any problems using it. 


OpenNebula is probably the simplest open-source cloud platform to use on this list because it is made as a solution for private clouds and to manage Data Center virtualization. It is implemented on IaaSasCloudstack and it was first developed way back in March 2008. It has a SunStone Portal that can be used by the administrators of the servers as well as by advanced users and it is considered to be one of the better private cloud open-source platforms in the world. 


AppScale is another excellent open-source cloud platform. It is associated with Google and is used for deploying and scaling unmodified applications that were made through Google App Engine over public cloud systems. It implements a cloud platform as a service, meaning that it is a type of PaaS cloud. Its quick prototyping and scaling of the Google App Engine applications make it a perfect cloud service to use for your mobile applications. It is quite easy to use thanks to its perfectly developed interface.

 These are just some of the top open-source cloud platforms you can find on the market. It is quite clear that you do not need to worry about storing your data any longer as you can use a variety of great open-source cloud platforms. There is no need to buy storage devices; you only need a cloud.