What is encryption and why should we care about it?

Many search engines nowadays use encryption to protect users’ data and important information. Many online casinos, for example, use encryption to ensure that their customers’ data is secure while they are having fun gambling with the Betfair casino bonus. Google and Yahoo also use many encryptions so that they have a viable way of protecting their customers’ information. SSL encryption is the most famous one and is a standard when it comes to protecting the most sensitive information, which is why it is used by Google and other famous search engines.  

Encryption is not only used on search engines, but on many other websites. You may have seen how encryption works on online gambling sites but you were not aware of it. Let’s say that you were playing roulette and you saw something called hash. This is a type of encryption that is most commonly used on gambling sites and it basically means one number. Even though it contains many numbers and letters in its code, it only means one number. Some gambling sites give you these hashes because they know that you cannot decrypt them.

This may sound confusing to you, especially if you are not familiar with coding. To make things clearer, we should first explain how encryption works and then discuss why it matters.

What is encryption?

Encryption refers to a process that encodes a message or a file so that it can be opened and read by certain people. It uses an algorithm to encrypt data and then uses a special type of key to decrypt the data. This special field of science, called cryptography, has been progressing a lot, and advanced cryptographers have found new ways to encrypt and decrypt data. Computer algorithms now replace old mechanical algorithms and are used everywhere. 

How does it work? 

Encryption uses algorithms to mix up your information, separate it into parts, and then transmit it to a third party that decodes and decrypts all the information. There are many ways that algorithms work but they all do the same thing.  

What is encryption used for?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing use encryption so that they can safely manage their users’ information. Encryption in search engines is specially designed so that absolutely no one can decrypt the information without permission.

In addition, encryption can be used to lock certain files. This is very important because encryption also involves creating a password or key that can be used to unlock the file. Without that password or key, you cannot even get near the locked file. File compressor such as WinRar or 7-zip use this encryption so that you can protect your files from anyone who wants to get them.

Encryption is also used by the government and the military as a way of communication. This was especially common during the times of war and it really helped people communicate and make arrangements without their opponents realizing it.

Why does encryption matter?

Many people would agree that the internet brings a lot of benefits to our lives, but there are also some dangers. One of the most common worries people have when it comes to using the internet is privacy. No one wants their information to be used or shared by people who are not allowed to do so. This is where encryption is used to protect people’s privacy and security on the internet.